They Take Their Dad To A Strange Place At Night. When He Walks In The Door? He Can’t Stop Crying! Aww!

As you know, most parents will do just about anything to watch their kids succeed. Whether if that’s taxiing them all over town to their many after-school programs or working two jobs to make sure they can pay for their kids to go to a top-rated private school.

But when one dad had to sell his prized 1977 Corvette to better support his growing family, he was glad to do it, but he never forgot that car…

Rich Tipton loved the 1977 Corvette he bought in 1978. After owning it for 11 years, he had only put 4,000 miles on the beauty.

But in 1989, he had to sell the car to support his 6-year-old daughter and his 2-year-old set of twins. He loved his family more than his car. But that car had a lot of sentimental value.

“I told my kids if I ever win the lottery I will probably go and buy it back,” Tipton said.

But last year, his grown kids realized it was time to repay their dad for the awesome thing he had done for them years ago.

“I’m going to be 70. It wasn’t a thing for me to do to buy it back. I had other things that were more important,” Tipton explained the reason he never bought it back himself.

“They opened the door and I just started crying like a baby. I couldn’t believe it. It was unbelievable,” Tipton said.

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