Dad struggles for hours to install a new cat door. The cat’s reaction has the Internet in stitches

If you have a pet in your house, you must know that sometimes animals can be smarter than you think. Dogs, cats and even parrots have shown a highly developed intellect that resembles a lot the human nature of thinking, and in some cases even outsmarted it. One cat in particular or as the owner calls him “Philo” proved once again that this theory was right.

The body of the cat is perfectly designed to be strong, fast and very agile; with all these unique characteristics and a good set of eyes, the animal can hunt easily several types of prey in its lifetime. His body is also very flexible. In the wild, this allows the cats to go through very tight spaces to catch their prey or escape from a larger predator.

In order to make Philo a small favor, the head of the family spent the last two hours working on the house’s front door to install a new flap specially made for cats. This would allow Philo to get in or out of the house without any restriction, almost too perfect to preserve the freedom of the animal. Remember, cats are very independent creatures, they don’t need a doorman to let them in or out of the house.

When Dad tuned the last details and finished the door, he tried to test it with Philo, so he put it in front of the main entrance waiting to see how this apparently marvelous device worked. But be prepared for what is next because the outcome of this event was something that nobody expected…

Philo was trying to demonstrate that he is not an ordinary animal and it was more advanced in the evolutionary chain, per se. Patiently waiting they observed how the cat made its move, he walked very slowly approaching to the new cat flap, he stared at the door almost like doing some calculations in his mind. He then made a very quick overview and then jumped directly to the door knob to open it just as a regular person would do! Who would imagine it!

After all the arduous work that dad made with the installation of the flap door, it was unthinkable that something could go wrong but there it was, in just 10 seconds Philo showed him how cats can be at the same level with humans. Dad couldn’t believe what his eyes were seeing. How is the cat able to do that?

But there is still hope for dad’s excellent work; he only needs to close the main door to prevent our feline friend from opening the door again.

Take a look at this unique moment when nature slaps the door at human intelligence. Just click play on the video bellow and enjoy this funny moment!