Dad Is Suspicious Of 18-Month-Old Daughter’s Juice. After 1 Sip His Chest Starts Burning

When you go to a restaurant, the last thing you want on your mind is to have to worry about the food or drink. Government agencies have gotten a lot stricter with sanitary regulations and the way food is prepared and served. I can’t remember the last time I had a problem a restaurant. I have heard some pretty bad restaurant stories. Everything ranging from food gone bad to a fly in the soup.

I really don’t know what I would do in those cases. If they offered me something like a free meal, I that sure is that would be enough. We often read about these things or watch videos but we always tend to think that it cannot happen to us. It must have been someplace far away from where restaurant supervision is not as good.

Little Aaliyah went out to dinner with her parents. It was a very quiet Sunday and they were fresh off from the church. The preacher had been particularly good on important points. This family always takes lunchtime as a moment to meditate what they have just heard. For them, it’s not only a question of hearing a few words that lift her spirits. They go to church with the intent of making real-life changes.

Once they arrived, they are greeted by the waiter. This is a restaurant that they visit often because it’s on their way home from church. They get offered a table with a beautiful view. For Little Aaliyah’s father, not being in front of the television is not something that bothers him. He’d rather be where he can have an unobstructed view of where his daughter is and what she’s doing always. Little Aaliyah’s mother is also there and she starts looking at the menu.

Like many of us, they usually take a few extra minutes when trying to decide what to order. The waiter suggests some drinks while they make up their minds. Little Aaliyah’s parents order some soft drinks and a juice for her daughter. The waiter leaves to bring the drinks and the family calmly waits. They continue looking at the menu. The parents start a conversation about what the just heard at service and joke about a few of the points. Little Aaliyah’s father is a family man and what he enjoys most is going out with his family and having an enjoyable time.

He didn’t always have it like that. Like many of us, he grew up with a lot of needs. Once he became an adult he worked hard and with the Lord’s help, he started doing a lot better. By this time the waiter gets back with everyone’s drinks. Everyone takes a sip of the drink and they all seem to like it. Somehow Aaliyah’s father gets this gut feeling about her daughter’s drink. It might have been something he felt or he saw. That’s when he decides to take a sip just to make sure. Suddenly, his chest starts burning. This can only be one thing.