Dad Takes His Golden Retriever To A Playground. When She Spots The Swing? OMG!

Spending time outside with your dog is like a sacred ritual together. You want to make it fun for both. There’s only so long that you can spend throwing a ball in the park. Both of you are going to get bored and your arm may hurt for three days after that. There’s running, but that can tire your pooch out quickly. Sitting on a park bench gets old after about 10 minutes. The guy in this video hits upon a good solution.

This dad takes his dog, Sara, to a playground. They walk over to a swing set. It’s the one where people put their babies in, not a regular one. He picks Sara up and puts her in the swing. Then he pushes her back and forth. This video lasts for about two minutes and you can see that she is happy as a clam the whole time. She’s closing her eyes often, which means that she’s content. Sara also seems a bit older, so this takes stress off her joints.

A swing is a great idea for the dogs. As long as you don’t do anything dumb like try to make them do one revolution around the swing. Then you might be wearing what they ate for their last meal. It seems like common sense, but… you never know. This is why everything has a warning label of some kind on them. Even a toothbrush has stuff on its packaging that basically says, “You use this to brush your teeth. DO NOT STICK IT IN YOUR EYE. NO! NO EYE! “

Sara has done a lot to try to please her dad. She wants some fun herself, so this solution with the playground is genius. He’s even posted other videos of her on the swing and she’s known as “The Swingin’ Dog” on YouTube. Part of it is because Sara is a child that will never grow up. Seeing her on there also reminds people of their own childhood.

I couldn’t get enough of seeing her on the swing. Did you like it? We’d love to hear your thoughts.

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