Dad Teaches Her Daughter How To Howl, And Their Husky Joins In Too!

Oh, the sweet, sweet innocence of childhood. Nothing can compare to the purity and joyful attitude that little kids have, and the bond between a father and a child is very special because of this, because dads get excited about teaching their kids everything that they know, and kids wonder in amazement after every piece of knowledge is received. The following video shows us a very tender moment between little Claire and her dad, as he teaches her how to let out a proper wolf howl, and it’s the most adorable family moment you will ever see!

Right beside them is the family dog; and he looks just like some kind of Akita or husky breed. He definitely has some wolf in him, and after he hears the little girl howling just like one of his own, he can’t resist joining in the fun and howling with his two human best friends. We’re very lucky that mom got the camera on time to capture this precious moment, because beautiful things like this flash before our eyes and go away instantly, but it’s nice to have videos to remind us. Nothing like quality time with family and pets to bring out the best in anyone!

Don’t miss this sweet moment in the video right below here.

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