Dad tells baby, “I love you.” Both their reactions when baby says something? Priceless.

It’s a wonderful moment when your baby says their first words. If you’re lucky, you have a video camera or a phone going when it happens. There are times though when it happens when you’re busy doing something else… like cleaning the floor of all the baby toys while the little guy or gal is sitting in the playpen. Then it’s like, “Wait. What? You said what? Lemme get the camera.” Then they clam up like they are in an interrogation room… unlike this video here.

We see a daddy doing what a daddy of a three-month-baby boy does… holding the baby in front of him and cooing. Babies need love and this is one of the best ways to demonstrate that. He’s hoping that his little one is going say something soon. This might be the time. You never know… at least mommy is recording this to capture the moment. I don’t think any of them were ready for what came next.

The dad says, “I love you” and the baby sputters for a second and then says a very close approximation of “I love you” back. Daddy is so shocked that I admire his ability to still hold onto his son. I had to wait forever to hear “Dada” – hint: It came after “Mama” with my son. No big deal and it’s not something I’m going to tell my grandkids about someday. Nope. Not going to happen – you’re warned, son.

This is going to be such a great memory for the daddy, the mommy AND the baby… when he’s shown this video again many years later. It was uploaded in 2015, so… let’s say… maybe ’21 at the absolute earliest. Hopefully, the bar wasn’t set too high with this utterance. “What happened? You said this when you were three months old!” “Umm… I peaked REALLY early in my life?”

Have you had a baby who spoke at a really young age? Tell us all about it in the comments section!