Dad tells dog he bought a kitten. Internet can’t stop laughing at the dog’s response

If you have a dog, you probably wish your canine friend could talk. After all, you surely talk to the dog all the time. If dogs could talk, it would be of some practical value, since the dog might inform you that one brand of dog food is better than the other or that a blanket in a different color would be nice. You might find out why Fido chews on a particular piece of furniture or chases the mailman. Dogs would surely have things to say about the world around them and life in general, whether profound insights or zany ideas.

But sadly, dogs can’t talk. The best they can do is use body language, facial expressions, and vocalizations. People can pick up on a lot of this, but there are surely many times when a dog is frustrated by a human parent’s inability to understand what they’re trying to communicate.

We can always pretend and what’s more, we can share it with the world by making a video. That’s what one doggy dad did, creating a hilarious, perfectly timed canine voice-over. He gave his dog a goofy voice, because, of course! Any talking dog would be a bit eccentric and the pup in this video is no exception: he wants a kitten to keep him company. “You wanted a girl?” “Yep.” “A tabby?” The dog jumps excitedly. “Oh! I can’t believe you got me a cat! Where is she?” The owner insists on finishing his story, talking about how he looked at all sorts of other animals while he was at the pet store. The dog’s intensifying impatience is side-splitting.

If your dog could talk, what would you ask him? What would he say? We’d love to hear from you in the Facebook comments. Also, be sure to like and share. We take no responsibility if your friends invent funny voices for their pets.