Dad tells dog he got him a sister, the dog’s comeback has the internet. LOL!

Have you ever thought about what it would be if your dog could talk? Wouldn’t it be fun if you could ask your dog what he was thinking and would get an answer immediately? You wouldn’t have to be wondering what the dog is thinking or trying to read his actions. Most people treat the dogs as family. They like to pretend that they know what the dog is thinking.

Some of them feel they know each time the dog wants to tell them something. Whatever the case is, I think knowing what he’s thinking would take all the fun away. The truth is, men and dogs have had a close relationship for many years. During this time, we have learned to be very much in tune with what they’re thinking. Dogs have ways of communicating with us.

Everyone knows that if a dog is wagging his tail, he’s happy. We have come to recognize that. It’s very much universal to this point. There are other ways of knowing what your dog or someone else’s dog might be thinking. For instance, if the dogs tail is curled down under the dog’s legs, this usually means the dog is scared and intimidated. If the dog’s hair on his or her back has risen, this normally means that the dog is angry and most of the time will attack.

This is more obvious when we’re walking our dog and he or she encounters another one. When the dog’s ears are standing pointing upwards, this means the dog is usually alert and curious about something. Dogs with large ears like the German Shepherd have made this trait more known. When the dog’s ears are pointing back, this usually means the dog is ashamed or sad. Maybe he’s being scolded by his or her owner for something he might have done.

To be honest, most of us are not quite sure. There are people who have uploaded videos doing doggie voiceovers. This is like doing voiceovers for a movie. They record their dog. There are instances where the dog appears to be mumbling something and they insert the words the dog might be thinking. This next video has a voiceover that has gone viral since it was uploaded. An owner is having an intimate conversation with his dog. His dog has “told him” that he is been feeling lonely lately.

He’s been wanting to get someone to talk to. Hopefully a sister. So, the owner goes and gets a female kitten. He starts to tell his dog how he went to the pet store and got him a companion. The dog’s reaction is hilarious as it almost seems as the dog is saying what is being voiced. The owner builds up the anticipation by suggesting several options. The owner suggests getting all sorts of animals but the dog seems fixated on a cat. When the owner is about to reveal the identity of the pet, you can hear a kitten meow. The dog looks surprised. What comes afterward is priceless!