Dad Tells A Joke, But It’s His Cockatoo’s Reaction That Left EVERYONE Is Hysterics! ROFL!

Cockatoos are one of the funniest pets you could ever have. When they are around, there is never one single dull moment! They are not only beautiful to look at, but they are also an amazing source of entertainment. Just take a look at this hilarious bird in the video below! She is called Pebble and she is one funny birdie!

According to her owner, he and Pebble were watching a movie, but suddenly the cockatoo went into crazy mode. She started head-banging and laughing wildly. Watching her will crack you up too! She has a very colorful vocabulary due to her previous owner, and she really likes to show off now that she has a loving owner.

Pebble is a rescue bird and the poor thing had previously been through almost ten homes in 20 years. Many people commented that she was on drugs or was having a seizure, but her owner clarifies that that is not the case. She loves to be wild and crazy at times, and that is just her personality. She’s a lot of bird to accept sometimes, but it seems she’s met her match with this current owner.

This man loves Pebble no matter what she says or does. She has certainly never hurt anyone, and she shows her owner love and affection too. She’s always doing something to entertain and has loads of views on her many YouTube videos. Her owner has turned her into an internet sensation.

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