Dad Tells Her: “Take Your Medication!” — But Watch Her HILARIOUS Reaction. LOL!

When it comes to our dogs, we just can’t say enough. We more than love them, we honestly can’t imagine our lives without those big fur babies. They make our days better and we actually look forward to going home simply because we know that they are there waiting for us, excited to spend the evening together.

While we all believe that our dog is the best, sweetest, funniest dog in the entire world, we still love to go online and look up dog videos that other people have posted. We do this simply because they are absolutely hilarious to watch. Dogs have the best reactions to things and because they don’t ever get embarrassed many times their reactions are more than just a little funny, that is why we are continuously looking up as many dog videos as we can.

Well in this video you will meet an adorable older dog named Denver. Denver is a yellow lab and has actually been very popular on the internet before with a few of her other hilarious reactions to things. But in this video Denver is unhappy because her dad has to put in some ear drops for her. Denver has to get these ear drops daily and it’s the one part of her day that she just hates.

Because she dreads that part of the day she does everything in her power to try and prevent it from happening, which is how we got this great video. Denver is trying her best to intimidate and scare away her dad but is doing a miserable job at it. All she has achieved is making her dad laugh while he has to put the drops in her ears. Poor girl, she just doesn’t have that whole aggressive, mean dog thing going for her, which really is a good thing.

Watch this adorably cute video below and let us know what you thought of Denver’s aggressive face. As always please feel free to share this video with your family and friends on social media.

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