Dad Tells Him It’s Time For His Medicine. But When This Dog Does THIS To Avoid It – HILARIOUS!

In the adorable clip you’ll see below, we meet Denver, a dog who has one special pet peeve: taking his medication. You can see his dad trying to give him some meds, but he just refuses completely to cooperate with the treatment. He will not have any of that at all! The way he reacts when he realizes that it’s time for his medicine is truly priceless, you will be rolling in the floor laughing when you see it! By the looks of his face, it seems he’s taken too many medicines during his lifetime, and he doesn’t like it one bit!

I had to hold back my tears of laughter after seeing the way he looked at his owner. He even threw his best “McCheesy” at him! You can hear the man himself laughing as he’s trying to give him the medicine, and it’s hard not to follow him while he does. Medicating your pets can be very difficult, especially for them, but it’s important to be patient and persistent, and make sure they take the medicine as the vet instructed so that they don’t have more problems in the future.

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