Dad Trapped Under Burning Truck, Knows He Will Die. Suddenly, He Sees 2 Tiny Feet…

According to statistics most of the accidents that people have, happen in their own homes. There is a reason for this, and it’s usually because people get overconfident in the second. A home is supposed to represent a safe place. But that doesn’t mean that people don’t get a little bit careless. When we think of accidents, is usually children who are victims of these accidents. The most common ones are burning.

There was a child recently who was by himself at home. His mother had gone out for a couple of minutes to get something and when she came back the child had third-degree burns on his face. The child had gotten curious about what his mother was cooking and decided to take a look. He pulled on the handle and poured boiling water on his face. Many people suggest that in these cases it is better for the mother to take the child with her.

Other accidents happen in the shower. These accidents happen when there’s usually a lot of soap involved and the person slips and falls. This can happen in the shower or in the bathtub. Whenever children are in the bathtub they should never be left there unsupervised. You don’t need a lot of water for a person to drown. This is truer if the person in question is a child.

For showers, it is recommended to have anti-slip strips always. If there’s an elderly person living at home, it is recommended to have handlebars installed so the person has something to hold onto while showering. In the case of backups, children should never be left alone, not even for a second. Whenever bathing children in the bathtub, the parent should make all the necessary arrangements before as well as having everything he needs.

Adults are also prone to having these accidents. This also happened to Eric Heffelmire who was working on his truck one day. One of the wheels of the truck had been removed and Eric was doing some work on it. Suddenly, the truck slipped and it landed on Eric’s chest. He was trapped and couldn’t get up. At the same time, the truck caught on fire with some gasoline that had spilled.

Eric thought he would die there when suddenly he saw two tiny feet. It was his daughter who was visiting. His daughter grabbed the truck and try lifting it but she wasn’t moving it. Then she tried for a second time and could get the truck several inches of the floor. With the truck raced she pulled her father out of the truck. Talk about superhuman strength!