Dad Tries Making The Bed, And These Two Cats Help Him Out. They’re HILARIOUS!

Nothing is as wonderful as living with a pet. They give us great company and friendship, and their presence is invaluable. However, every kind of pet come with their perks and quirks. For instance, dogs can be very messy when they misbehave or get overexcited, but they can be pretty predictable and controllable once you train and get to know them. Cats, on the other hand, are a bit more… curious. They never fool around or make big messes, but this doesn’t mean they can’t wreck your nerves with their strange mishaps. Just look at the ones in the clip below!

Their owner is trying to make the bed, and it looks like an easy task, so this cats naturally tried to help him in the best way that they could. Cole and Marmalade, as the cute felines are called, decide to participate in the process of making the bed by… napping on it. They didn’t feel like it before, but now that Dad is working on it? Sure, let’s sleep on the bed right now! Cat owners out there must be pretty familiar with this kind of behavior.

Enjoy this funny video right below. Cats always have funny ways to show us their love, don’t they? Share this video on Facebook for your cat-loving friends to see!

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