Dad Wants To Dance With His Four Yr Old, But What Happens Next Will Leave You Smiling!

I have seen a lot of daddy daughter videos on the internet. Honestly, I thought I had seen it all and that nothing would surprise me anymore. But boy was I wrong! This adorable daddy daughter performance featured in the video below will leave you smiling like a fool all day! We are very fortunate that he decided to record this special event and share it with us.

Sia’s hit song “Chandelier” was performed on Dancing With The Stars, while Loic and Inès, a father and daughter duo from France, followed the dancers’ move perfectly in their living room. If you have seen the video, you probably know the dance is kind of hard to copy, but I think they actually did a pretty good job!

Clearly they have watched this performance many times and spent many hours working on the routine. This is really wonderful quality time for them. I am sure they will look back upon this quite fondly when little Inès grows up! As expected, this cute video has already gone viral on the internet.

You will see for yourself when you watch it how special this daddy daughter duo is. She especially loves it when her daddy spins her around. I’m not convinced he could have a career in dance, but she just might. She really is good, especially for someone so young, and she’s got the outfit right too.

Watch their adorable performance below! Did you enjoy watching this special dance routine? Don’t forget to share your thoughts with us in the comments section!

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