Dad wants her to call him “papa,” but baby has another answer in mind

One thing that can bring a smile to just about anyone’s face is an adorable baby giggling or laughing. Not only does their little face light up wonderfully, but you can be sure it’s absolutely sincere. The sight and sound of a baby laughing will brighten even the grimmest day. And who knows, it may be what keeps frazzled parents from losing their minds.

Dr. Caspar Addyman — a research fellow at London Birkbeck University’s Center for Brain and Cognitive Development (known informally as the “baby lab”) — explained in an article in The Daily Mail that laughter and giggling are actually an important part of a baby’s development. “The big surprise has been that, contrary to general perception, laughter is present from a very early age. Ninety percent of babies have smiled in the first two months and laughed just a few weeks after that, while we have had reports from parents that their baby has laughed unambiguously at just a few weeks old.” He also pointed out: “The interesting thing, too, is that most parents play games instinctively because babies have an amazing way of getting adults to do stupid things that benefit everyone. It makes them laugh, but it is a bonding experience, too, which is really important.”

But it isn’t necessarily anything specific that parents do. Laughter can be an expression of happiness, so sometimes a baby is just happy being with one of their favorite people — a parent.

As you’ll see in the video posted below, there’s one dad who has no trouble at all getting his baby girl to laugh. Nowah has learned to say “mama” but “papa” is a word she’s still struggling with. Dad tries his best to help, but the way he says “papa” sends her into fits of delightful laughter. The language lesson wasn’t entirely successful but at least the two of them had a great time.

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