Daddy And Baby Are Using Snapchat App. I Fell Over Laughing At What Came Next.

Over the past decade or so, social media has evolved. Facebook went from a site for people in college to the most widely-used site in the world. People can post live video of themselves on the site. Twitter is insanely popular because people can find news on there well before the actual news outlets have posted about it – think celebrity deaths, etc. That’s not all, though. This video shows another fascinating step in this evolution… with a hilarious result.

We see a dad and his baby son on Snapchat. For those of you who are still using flip phones, this is an app that lets people put all kinds of funky filters on their faces. You can have a conversation with someone while looking like you are an alien, a bee, a dog, a cat… it’s really quite silly. I admit to never having tried it, so I might sound like one of those old grumps, but… whatever. Then something unexpected happened with the little wee one.

Dad and baby are having a grand old time with this Snapchat video filter. Suddenly the baby sneezes and through some random glitch, the beard suddenly zaps itself onto daddy’s face. Daddy is clean-shaven, though I think it would have been hilarious if he had a beard already. Then he could have wound up looking like basketball player James Harden or baseball pitcher Dallas Keuchel. Then it would have been a truly legendary beard. The dad was impressed, though. “This is great!” he raved.

I have a beard. I wonder how my son would react if I sneezed and he suddenly had it? Yeah, I think he would freak out too. Still, these social media apps are changing the way we preserve memories. I wonder how my grandchildren would feel if they saw a photo of me with dog ears from Snapchat . “Man, Granddad was crazy. I would have gone with the cat ears. Much better than the dog ears..”

This video made me think about trying out Snapchat. What has been your experience with it? Any funny snafus like this? Tell us all about it in the comments section!

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