Daddy And His Cat Sleep Peacefully Together. Take A Second Look At The Feline.

It’s a shame, but a lot of time special needs people and animals are simply ignored. Some well-meaning, but ignorant people might also think that it’s a catch-all diagnosis. Sadly, it seems like more and more special-needs kids are being unfairly mainstreamed, where they will just not be able to cope. Special needs animals can languish forever at shelters. That didn’t happen to this one feline that we see in the video.

We see Monty, a special-needs cat hanging out with his dad while the two of them sleep. At least he lets his dad sleep. My cats seem to think that night-time is when they should be active (All of the internet: “CATS ARE NOCTURNAL… DUH…”) . Well, one of them likes to sleep near my head, but the other one keeps bothering her to try to get her to get up and do stuff. Not Monty and his dad…

It’s not your imagination: Monty does look a little different than other cats. The space between his eyes is wider, since he was born without a nasal bridge. That gives the front of his face a flat appearance too. That hasn’t deterred him from living a normal cat life and showering his daddy with love. Having to sneeze a lot seems to be the lone side effect. There was even a photo of him tucked in his daddy’s shirt that just made me melt right there on the spot.

Monty’s dad is lucky. Usually my male cat prefers to sleep on my head, not next to it. Monty is so adorable in this video. I hope he doesn’t have cat breath when he wakes up, though. Sometimes their breath can almost singe your nostrils. That doesn’t seem to be the case here, since both of them are sleeping so contentedly. What’s a little sneezing among friends, huh?

Have you dealt with any special needs cats? What was it like for you? We’d love to hear your stories about it in the comments section.

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