Daddy Cleaning Outdoor Pool For Summer. One Of His Dogs Then Did Something To Crack Me Up.

Backyard pools can be so much fun. They can occupy children for hours, which allow the parents to relax for a while. While they can ensure a lot of fun, they also can ensure a lot of work. Maintaining a pool is vitally important, since you don’t want your kids to be swimming in dirty water. That means always checking chlorine levels and taking any trash or other things out of the water. It can be rewarding, but as this video shows, it can be undermined by an impatient spectator.

We see several huskies roaming around an outdoor pool. It’s early summer and the daddy wants to clean out the pool before it’s used. He’s walking in circles with a skimming net to pick up all the leaves and other trash that may have collected over the course of the late fall and winter. It’s very methodical process, but it’s something that needs to be done before people swim. It’s going too slow for one of the spectators though.

Drogo, one of the huskies, is watching this and he can’t wait around for his daddy to clean any stinking pool. It’s not like Drogo is getting any younger here – summer might be over by the time this pool is clean. So… what is Drogo to do? He’s decisive, unlike his brothers and sisters, who are milling around the pool and making ineffective barking noises. That’s not making Daddy move any faster. Drogo takes a deep breath, readies himself and leaps effortlessly into the pool.

Well, this cracks up the mommy, who is recording all this. Daddy rushes over to the now sopping wet Drogo and after carrying him for a few seconds, walks over to the edge of the pool and helps the pooch get out. The rest of the video is the mommy trying to compose herself -spoiler alert: She doesn’t. Then again, I really can’t blame her. I would be having a hard time breathing myself since I would be laughing too hard.

Wasn’t Drogo so adorable? Have you had your dog spoil pool time like that? We’d love to hear any tales you might have. Head on down to the comments and write away!

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