Daddy And Cockatiel Perform Amazing Duet On Keyboard. They Should Be On Talent Shows!

If you decided to sit down and catalog all the unique animal videos on YouTube… you’d probably have to live a few lifetimes to be able get them all. There’s just an astounding and also nearly endless variety. They include cats playing keyboards, dogs singing songs, elephants playing pianos, birds singing… you name it. This video is up there in the pantheon of those types of things.

The unquestioned star is a cockatiel named Poko. He’s sitting on the end of a keyboard while his daddy is playing a song on it. Not content to just listen to the music, he decides to add to it. When the music stops, he sings for a bit and then his daddy resumes playing. It’s quite the duet to watch. They are doing a version of some video game music. To no one’s surprise at all, this was done in Japan.

Poko is thoroughly enjoying this, constantly checking with his daddy throughout the video. They must rehearse this a lot – the chances of this being a spontaneous video is nil. That just means more bonding time for the two. This shows how in sync the two of them are. If you like this video, you definitely need to check the uploader’s channel – they have several other videos like this, and they are a hoot to watch.

There’s no chance of me doing anything like this. I have two extremely uncooperative and lazy cats. One of them is also scared of her own shadow. I sang something to her one time and she ran away. Then again, to be fair, I have a bad singing voice. “Dying cat” is one of the more complimentary terms people have said when listening to me warble on. “My ears are bleeding” is another one. Simply put, Poko will have no competition from me.

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