Daddy And French Bulldog Puppy Go To Eating Area. Their Ritual That Follows Is SO Cute.

Training your dog can be rough. It’s always best to teach them when they’re young. Like a child learning a language at a young age, the pathways to learning tricks are the widest when they are pups. Yes, you can teach older dogs new tricks, but like people, it just takes more work and effort. It’s a good thing the daddy of this pup started early… it would be harder to teach this to an older dog.

We see a French bulldog puppy named Zero and his daddy walking to what looks like a designated eating area for the canine. His daddy puts down his bowl, but has him lay down in what looks like a prayerful pose. After a brief prayer, where the daddy also bows down into pose, an “Amen” is muttered and then the pooch is off to the food bowl and chowing down with glee.

Zero has already picked up that “Amen” is the cue for him to be able to get up and eat. There are some who might scoff at this rituatl, but I think it’s a nice bonding itme between he and his daddy. Even dogs should be grateful for their food. A lot of them are out on the reet looking for their next meal and have no idea where it may come from. His daddy also has good values instilled in him.

Others might see this as being cruel to Zero. What’s so bad about having a dog wait an extra 15 seconds before eating? He also learned good prayer form. Other people might have their pets pray before their food in the language of whatever religion they may follow: Hebrew, Swahili, etc. It’s a nice thing for the two of them to engage in before Zero eats. I’m sure that the pooch enjoys the time with his daddy.

I have to admit – French Bulldogs are one of my favorite breeds of dogs. What do you think of them? Tell us what you think. If you liked this story, share it with a friend. Also, please “Like” us on Facebook.

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