Daddy gets ready to blow out birthday candles. I cracked up at what happened next.

Birthday parties with young babies is a roll of the dice. One baby is possibly manageable, but try having five of them together in the same room. All of them twins. It’s like they are chaos theory personified. Something will go wrong. There will be one kid who gets unhappy with something and it will just mushroom from there. That’s the case with this video of a daddy named Buzz and his children.

Buzz is celebrating a birthday and he’s at a small table, surrounded by his five babies, who have reached the age where they can stand while propping themselves at the table. His older daughter is there too. First, they sing Happy Birthday to him, and then he closes his eyes and makes a wish. Next, he takes a deep breath and blows out the candle. Now we get to the part that makes this video fun – crying chaos.

What’s funny about the video, besides one of the babies’ faces turning the same color as her dress like two seconds after she starts crying is that it’s almost like dominoes. One starts crying, the next one follows after a second and then the rest join in. Only the older daughter and Buzz are dry-eyed. Kids find the weirdest reasons to cry. Seriously. Maybe they were enjoying the color of the flame on the lit candles.

I must give Buzz and his wife a lot of credit. They have to have a LOT of patience to raise five babies and one older child, to make six kids in all. Just getting them to go to sleep must require them to work together in shifts. Either that or consume one heck of a lot of caffeine. Still, it’s apparent that both love their kids so much. Buzz doesn’t even bat an eye when the babies start crying. That’s love. I’d be reaching for earplugs…

What would have been your reaction to this happening? Can you imagine having six kids overall? Tell us all your kids stories in the comments section. We’d love to hear them!