Daddy Goes To Pick Up Child From Classroom. What Happens Next Is SO ADORABLE!

It’s a tough time as a parent, especially with their first child, to part with them for the day… or even a half-day. There’s also the fear that the child will miss them too much and not be able to do anything in the classroom, which wastes the teacher’s time. When dropping the kid off, it’s best to treat it like a band-aid. Drop him or her off and then depart quickly, like ripping it off. Lingering too long will just make it hurt more. But the pick-up can be fun. Like in this video.

This girl looks like she’s in the first day of daycare. She looks a little too young to even be in pre-k. The way she walks indicates that she only recently learned to walk. Though it was probably her first time away from home and it’s an exhausting moment. She seemed to be having fun, grabbing books and toys. She seemed to even be asking the teacher questions. But the second she saw her daddy, she knew it was time to go home.

How fast did she run? She may have broken an Olympic running record. Her daddy showed her at the door and then she flung it open just as the video ended. This was a very short but sweet video. Yay! Daddy’s going to take me home! This may have been one of those cases where she cried a lot when Daddy first left but then calmed down. It’s a joyful reunion that will probably be repeated daily for quite a while.

Separation, even for a few hours, is rough for a young child. They are losing the sole focus of their life for that time and there are some kids that can’t adapt. Even as patient as the teacher is, sometimes it requires a parent to stay at least nearby. Since the whole purpose of this is also to give parents some time to themselves as well as the kids learning social skills, that can make adjustments even more difficult. But this girl looks like she will adjust just fine .

Wasn’t this little girl SO adorable? I loved how she flung the door open so authoritatively. What a strong girl! Did you like the video? Please tell us why or why not in the comments section below!

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