Daddy Is Having Fun Pushing His Toddler On A Toy. Now Watch How Their Dog Reacts. NO WAY!

While dad and his little baby are having fun riding the toy car in the kitchen, Charlie the dog unknowingly gets the whole family laughing. How? He does something so hilarious, it needed to be caught on video and shared with the world.

Watch as dad counts to three then gives his baby boy a light push. Charlie waits in anticipation for dad to make the next move and then bounds off after the toy car.

The family dog chases after the rolling baby. He grabs the back of the toy and drags him back to daddy.

Charlie loves this new game of fetch; especially because he has got the whole family’s attention.

Watching the dog be so eager for another go of fetch really makes me smile. Charlie is bouncing up and down waiting for dad to roll the baby into the kitchen. It’s absolutely adorable.

It’s so heart-warming to watch a young family having so much fun together. We’re sure they’ll share this video with their baby when he gets older.

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