Daddy Is Holding Baby On The Sofa. What He Hears Next Made His Day Completely.

There are a lot of milestones in a parent’s life. Obviously, the first one is birth. That sets the stage for everything else. Both a mother and a father want to be around for the firsts of everything for a baby. It’s just a wondrous feeling to be there and take in everything. The biggest bonus is to have it on video. Then you can just watch it over and over. That’s the case here with a daddy hearing his baby laugh for the first time.

He’s sitting on a sofa holding his three-month-old baby boy and making funny faces. The boy laughs for the first time and daddy is over the moon. He can’t believe that he’s seeing this and that mommy is recording it. I teared up a bit, since I remember holding my son when he was that age. It’s such a precious moment and there are times that I would love to have it back. But… time moves only forward.

This daddy is clearly smitten with his son. He can’t take his eyes off him the whole time that he’s holding him. He’s lucky, too. His son is calm while he holds him. Mine wriggled like a fish that has just been brought over the side of a boat sometimes. That made for intense concentration at times. He’s going to cherish watching this video for a long time to come. This is where YouTube is invaluable.

Some people may think that he should have kept this moment private. I can see their point – sort of. It’s not their decision to make and if this daddy wants to share it with everyone, he can. Why not make other people look back at their happy moments like this or even show what parents=to-be can look forward to? Yes, there is a tendency towards oversharing on social media, but this one seems harmless.

I thought this baby was SO adorable. That laugh? Wow. Didn’t you think it was the cutest laugh ever? Please be sure to leave your opinion below in the comments section!

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