Daddy Lays On The Floor, But When His Shih Tzu Puppy Sees Him The Reaction Is So ADORABLE!

Life can be hard and long for many people. Others are never tired a day in their life, eat the right foods, or even exercise. This can be an astoundingly awesome thing for your energy levels. Whenever I have thought about the dedication of working 80+ hours a week like chefs do or even more like nurses do, I get tired. It’s a whole lot just to make an impact, and killing yourself in very dangerous scenarios seems to be a constant threat for these brave folks.

When we first stumble upon this dad who lays down, it seems as though his day is slowly coming to an end. The tiny little Shih Tzu puppy seems to be overly elated by how close dad’s face is. Jumping and bouncing around, giving dad all the love in the world that he can muster. With this little puppy roaming about and so excited by dad being so close to him, you almost lose yourself in the excitement of it all. This Shih Tzu’s enthusiasm and excitement is almost contagious by the end. I’m sure that most people would go out of their way to agree.

When you first see how this precious little pup goes crazy over the kisses now available for dad’s cheek, I’m sure you’ll be covering your mouth from how adorably awe inspiring and happy this little puppy is. I know I sure as heck couldn’t stop!

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