Daddy Leaves Two Apples On A Bed. I Was Crying Laughing At What His Kitty Did Next.

There are some videos out there that are just guaranteed to lift your mood, no matter how crummy your day has been. This is one of them. It’s a simple video too, didn’t cost a lot to set up… well, I don’t know how much the guy paid for the kitten that appears in it. Other than that, it needs two apples and a simple bed. How can all of these things combine to create such humor? You just need to watch the video.

We see two green apples sitting on a bed, just minding their own business. Then a Russian Blue kitten jumps on the bed. What’s this? INTRUDERS. What to do? This kitty circles the apples, pounces forward then back. There are times that it seems like it’s being moved around on a string. These apples are seriously freaking this cat out. It’s hysterical to see it moving around like this, though.

What really makes this is that there’s a near full orchestral soundtrack going on in the background. It seems to synch up to the cat’s movements. It’s actually a song from the movie “Alien.” When it jumps, it gets loud. When it stalks the apples, it gets quiet. It’s like watching a movie here. The cat does NOT want to touch the apples. Maybe they give off a scent it doesn’t like? Whatever the case, it approaches them with caution.

A little while ago, I wrote about a Russian kitten who saw a tennis ball for the first time. This cat makes that one look completely sane. I was just like, “Whoa” the whole time of watching the video. Two apples freak this cat out that much? It’s a good thing the person who filmed this didn’t put out four of them. The poor kitty might have spontaneously combusted right there on the spot. Note: Put some green apples out for my cats. Just kidding.

I was laughing the whole time. How about you? What did you think? Please tell us in the comments below.

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