Daddy Lion Delivers Stern Parenting To Cute But Annoying Cub

Bouncy and playful, this adorable cheetah cub is truly thriving with a little help from her handlers and friends at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park.

The San Diego Zoo Safari Park’s curious seven-week-old cheetah cub playing within an indoor nursing area is sure to be the cutest thing you’ve seen all day. This cub loves nothing more than playing, pouncing around without a worry in the world. Can you believe she’s just over five pounds?

What’s the favorite thing for this cheetah cub to do in between meals? Play inside with her human friends, of course. With a loving nature like that, it’s going to be fascinating to see the bond that develops later in life.

Every last toy in her play area is used. Just take a look at the room. The little one jumps from place to place, tearing up the branches while stalking her toys adorably.