Daddy plays a lullaby for his baby. What happens next will make your heart explode!

What’s your method for making your baby fall asleep? When my babies were growing up, I did a little bit of research and found that babies sleep with the easiest things. One that would never fail would be the ‘ride in the car’ method. There’s something about riding in the back seat of a vehicle that puts a baby to sleep fast.

This one works wonders after the baby had something to eat. The food plus the gentle sounds of the road and wind outside the vehicle soothes the baby just enough for him or her to fall asleep. I also tried TV, but that turned out to be a double-edged sword. The baby will be able to fall asleep, but with time it starts to lose effectiveness. What I would do is switch between car rides and maybe a little bit of TV.

I also tried one of those electric baby swings. You know, the ones that you place your baby in, and it starts rocking the baby to sleep. It usually takes a little under 5 minutes for the baby to fall asleep. When you’re a very busy parent, like most of us are, you appreciate having a little bit of quiet time to yourself.

A very funny one I found out, was eating. My baby would fall asleep more often eating than with anything else I tried. There are even a lot of YouTube videos that feature babies falling asleep in this way. At times they are feeding themselves with ice-cream or cereal or being fed by an adult with anything from macaroni & cheese to dessert or even breakfast cereal.

A more traditional approach would be just rocking your baby to sleep. This has been a sure way of getting your baby to catch up on his snooze time. You can do this by just carrying the baby in your arms or using other things like a large scarf to rock your baby to sleep.

A method that I never had the chance of trying was singing or playing a song for my baby. Maybe because I was not really very good at singing or playing a musical instrument that I never went about doing something like this. The father in the following video decides he will play music for the baby to sleep. He is playing a keyboard and the baby is ready. After a couple of seconds into the song, even I was starting to fall asleep. Watch this guy’s playing skills work magic on the baby!