Daddy Points To Kitchen Chair. What This Orange Cat Does Next Is INCREDIBLE.

Cats really don’t do tricks. Not that I’ve seen. They beat to their own drum – sometimes literally, what with the videos we’ve seen of them bopping along to songs. But trying to get them to do a trick…. standing in front of the ocean and trying to part the waters would be easier. There are exceptions, though. Like this cat that we see from the America’s Funniest Videos: Animals archives.

We see the cat sitting next to the chair. The daddy indicates something at the chair. The feline protests a bit and then almost kind of sighs. His next move is claw the daddy’s leg until he gets the treat he wants. No, that’s probably what he’s thinking he wants to do. Instead, he jumps on the chair leg and uses it like a gymnast would a balance beam to flop onto his back on the chair. Yay! Reward!

Training cats to do something like this has to be really hard. They do what they want most of the time. Even if they do something for you, they act like they are doing you the world’s biggest favor. I think it has to do with their being worshipped in Ancient Egypt. That sense of entitlement wormed its way into their DNA all that time ago and… here we are, being staff to a cat.

I love watching these videos, even though I’ve had no luck training my cats to do anything. “No! No scratching the sofa! No! Sigh. OK.” The only thing I’ve managed to do is to get them to follow me into the kitchen when it’s time for me to feed them. Wait. That’s not a trick? Really? They manipulated me into thinking that? Hah! Good one. Next, you’ll tell me they hypnotized me into giving them catnip when they want. Hang on, I need to go get some catnip…

Wasn’t this an adorable cat! I bet he was named Garfield. Wait, would that be a copyright violation? Anyways, leave a comment below!

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