Daddy Pulls Into Pet Store Parking Lot With Pug. I Was NOT Expecting This Reaction.

There are stores that we all love going to. When we pull into the parking lot, our eyes light up, no matter the age. It can be a department store, sporting goods store, pet store, you name it. It’s a place where we can see all the new things that have come in and have us dreaming of being able to have them all in our house. I’ve never see this happen before, though – a dog excited to go to a store.

We see a pug named Captain sitting in the cutest doggie car seat I’ve ever seen. His daddy brings him to a PetSmart and this dog starts going nuts even before they finish parking. It even sounds like he’s barking, “PetSmart! PetSmart!” Then again, I could just be projecting here. He goes nuts in the car for about 25 seconds before his dad decides to take him out of the car and into the store.

Captain wants to get out of the car. He does give his daddy a high-five before they get out. After that, he pulls his laughing dad into the store and they make their way into the back before the video ends. It seems like this pooch is in his element. I’ve never had a pug, but I’ve seen ones that other people have had. They can be a very friendly breed or a very aloof one .This one seems quite friendly.

This is one of those videos that has such a huge build-up. Captain is going nuts in the car, just absolutely insane. Then, when they go out in the parking lot, aside from his puling his daddy along, he’s fairly quiet. The only thing he does when he gets into the store is sniff everything right before they get to what the store calls “The Pet Hotel.” Then it just… ends. I thought it was cute at first but then kind of turned boring.

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