Daddy Puts A Phone In Front Of His Dog And Dials Mommy. I Couldn’t Believe The Response.

Dogs miss their parents. It’s hard for those who travel to keep in contact with their babies. Yes, there are some products out there that supposedly allow for video conferencing, but it’s complicated. One of the parents may be home, but the pooch may have a stronger bond with the other one. That’s the case with this Scottish Airedale named Stanley. Daddy tries to rig up a way for him to talk to his mommy, with mixed results.

Daddy puts Mommy on speaker and Stanley starts to howl loudly when she says she misses him. Stanley gets encouragement from his daddy a few times. “Tell her!” He sure does, sometimes howling for as long as 10 seconds straight. What is he, an opera singer dog? He’s got a real sad case of the “I Miss Mommies” though. It seems like the only cure is her returning home. This will have to do at the end.

The real kicker is at the end of the video. Daddy tells Stanley to say good-bye. He tries it twice. Mommy even says, “Goodbye.” Evidently he’s not very good with that, since he just bolts from the room without even another bark. Hmm. Maybe they will have to work with him on that in the future. It’s clear that he misses her from the sounds of his plaintive wails. I’m sure that he has a joyous reunion with her when she comes home.

It just goes to show how attached dogs become to their mommies and daddies. They become their whole world and when that piece of the world is missing, they don’t know how to act. It’s sad for them. On the other hand, if my wife and I go away for any length of time, we have to worry about our cats getting mad and pooping where they shouldn’t. I don’t think they’d even answer a phone if we called…

Isn’t Stanley so cute? I couldn’t believe how long he could hold his bark. What did you think. Please leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

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