Daddy Rides In Golf Cart With Great Dane In Passenger Seat. Wait Until Her Brother Sees Them!

Sibling rivalry is not just exclusive to the human race. All animals are capable of being quite jealous of each other. I’m sure that even ants can get annoyed. “Mom! Bobby keeps snipping at my antennae!” “Look. I am one ant. I cannot keep track of all 1,209,031 of you. WORK IT OUT!” Still, it can be quite funny seeing it in action. This video is a great example of how two four-legged siblings go after each other.

We see a Great Dane named Katie riding a golf cart. It could very well be their parents’ golf course, or they could use it to motor around a particularly large estate. In any case, he’s glad to have a companion along for the ride. It would be quite the sight to see both of them motoring around. “Yeah, I’m going to need to take a mulligan on that one. I just saw a Great Dane on a golf cart.” Of course, nothing goes smoothly.

Max, another Great Dane, sees his sister in the golf cart and he is NOT happy about it, to say the least. He jumps on the back of the cart to get his daddy’s attention, and once that happens, he runs over to the side and tries to climb on. Once Katie realizes that her brother is trying to take over the cart, she gets very vocal and even nips at his ear. It’s like having two giant siblings constantly fighting. I hope the parents have ample painkillers to ward off the headaches.

I could just imagine the dogs arguing with each other, as siblings are wont to do. “I called shotgun!” “Shotgun? Who fired a shotgun?” “No… it’s just a phrase, you idiot. “HEY! Who you calling an idiot?” “If it walks like a duck…” ‘I’m not a duck, I’m a dog!” “Sigh, you’re gonna make me bite you, aren’t you?” “C’mon, try it!” Then that’s how they got to one play-biting the other to try to get back into the golf cart… or that’s just how I imagined it.

No matter how large they are, these doggies do act like little children. Don’t you think so? Have you had something similar to this happen before? Tell us in the comments section. Also, please “Like” us on Faceboo

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