Daddy Takes Cat To Visit Outdoor Dog Show. Every Single Meeting Is Amazing To See.

There’s a reason why there’s a popular saying: “Fighting like cats and dogs.” For millennia, the two species have often gotten along as well, say, Israel and Palestine. Oftentimes the two will fight at the drop of a hat. That’s not always the case, though. There have been plenty of times that cats and dogs have gotten along really well. That either happens when the two meet at a very young age or one, or both of them, are trained REALLY well. That’s what happened in this video.

We see a cat named Boomer walking around an outdoor dog show. He’s a Bengal cat, and if he looks familiar, it’s because he’s usually with another wonder of the Internet called Didga. This time, he’s on his own… well, not exactly, since his daddy, who has been training cats for over 30 years is there. He stresses that this is not a normal situation – he’s only comfortable with this since Boomer is so well-trained.

The video shows Boomer meeting a plethora of dogs, with many of the different breeds represented. Their reactions range from curious to hilarious. This kitty is having a blast meeting all these different pooches. One dog, a Dachshund is so bewildered that he looks at the camera like, “What is going on here?” Other dogs curiously sniff him and then shy away. It’s a hoot to watch all this go on.

It seems like there were no incidents at all – part of the extensive training, I’m sure. Either that or judicious editing. Boomer loves to play with some of the dogs, even grabbing one of the pooches’ legs and wrapping himself around it. That might be the dog that he hangs out with at home though, so that wouldn’t be too much of a surprise. It seems like that no claws were needed, which made for a fun day.

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