Daddy Tries This Unconventional Method to Walk His Tired Cat! The Cats Response? I Was on The Floor!

What’s not to like about walking outside in the fresh air with your pet? Both of you get some health benefits. That’s not to say that everything is equal, though. Some animals are better about it than others. Heck, I’ve seen iguanas walking around on a leash. Then again, I lived for a long time in Manhattan. Everything weird is there. Then there’s this video of a man trying to put a leash on his cat.

It seems to start off well. The cat, named Monkey, is docile as his daddy puts on the harness and leash. Then the hijinks start. As soon as he’s put on the floor, he flops over onto his side. Daddy tries to get him to stand up by gently dragging him along the floor on the leash. The only benefit seems to be that he’s dusting the floor. It’s very readily apparent that Monkey has NO desire to walk on the leash. He’s not hissing or anything, but he’s just made himself dead weight.

This man has obviously never heard the saying about the definition of insanity being when someone repeats something over and over expecting a different result… he keeps standing Monkey up. The cat stands for about a second and then just topples over. Some of it has to be for giggles, because both the cameraman and the daddy are wheezing with laughter when the cat does the Monkey Flop. Maybe the kitty’s plan is to make them die laughing. Finally, he disengages the harness and Monkey goes scooting off.

I’ve seen two cats on a leash in person during my life. Once was when my wife and I were driving in our old neighborhood and the other was in our own area. Both times, the cats were lying down on the ground with expression of, “I’m not moving. You are going to have to carry me back home. I AM NOT MOVING. You got me, human?” OK, I may have taken some creative liberties there. But the gist is still the same – dogs use leashes, cats either roam free outside or stay at home and laugh at the dogs on the leash. I don’t see that changing, ever.

Even though the cat was all grumpy, it was adorable. What did you think? Leave a comment below!

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