Daddy Walks Us Through Training His Beagle. I Was Amazed At The Effort It Took For The Pup.

Teaching a dog takes a lot of hard work. They don’t just roll out of their mother’s womb with DNA encoded in them that automatically teaches them how to do things like sit, roll over, beg – though they’ll do that one on their own when they are hungry – and fetch. No, it can take many hours, depending on your dog’s aptitude and intelligence, to teach them. We see one puppy named Remy learning some basic tricks.

We see Remy’s daddy teaching his then 11-week-old beagle puppy how to do such things like sit, lay down and drop a ball that he’s carrying. Remy takes to the learning pretty quickly. Part of it might be the kibble that he’s being offered each time. Hopefully, his daddy got him weaned off that pretty quickly, otherwise he’d just sit there waiting for a treat before doing any tricks.

Seeing Remy go through this reminds me of when I… OK, my parents… trained our puppy when we got her in the mid-1980s. It was a lot of work and required a lot of positive reinforcement. This video caused a lot of flashbacks… good ones, for the most part, though there was some frustration, of course. We did get her sitting, laying down and offering her paw, so that was something.

This was uploaded in August 2015. Remy has had more videos since then and it’s fascinating to see how much he’s changed since that original upload. He’s going to be two years old around June 2017, so he’s hopefully gotten the training down pat by now. Otherwise his daddy seriously slacked off after this video. He’s still quite an adorable dog. I just always love seeing them as puppies.

Isn’t Remy so cute? I loved watching this video. What were your experiences when trying to train a puppy? Tell us all about it in the comments section. Also, please “Like” us on Facebook.

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