Daddy Wants To Wash Two Dogs On The Porch. Their Brilliant Reactions Had Me Stunned.

There are few words that can instill stark terror in many dogs than “Bath time.” Most canines would prefer to have their teeth pulled out without anesthesia than have a bath. No, I haven’t tested that, it was just the first bad thing that came to mind when I was writing this. Those words can reduce even the biggest dog into a closet-hiding coward. There’s what these two doggies did when faced with a bath.

Two dogs are outside on a porch with their daddy. Suddenly, their daddy holds up a hose. “Want a bath?” he casually inquires. To the pooches, he might as well be cavalierly suggesting that he inflict torture on their bodies with this water. Most dogs dread having a bath of any sort and I’m convinced that those that DO like it are secretly aliens from another galaxy who have not learned to fit in. What are these two dogs going to do?

The two dogs scoot into the house as fast as can be, running as if a homicidal maniac is chasing after them with a machete. One of them even quickly turns around and slams the door shut. Though he might have been smarter to lock it too, but fortunately it’s only their daddy outside with a hose and not a hockey-mask-wearing killer. They run off somewhere in the house while their mommy, who is recording all of this, can’t contain her laughter.

It’s a short video, but it’s a funny one. I remember when my dog realized that we were going to give her a bath – removing her collar was the cue for her that she was getting washed. She would then go hide under a sofa – she was a small dog – and getting her out took a bit of time. Imagine if she had learned about shutting doors…

How have your dogs reacted when it’s bath time? We’d love for you to tell any wild and crazy stories in the comments section!

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