Dads put on pink tutus for their hilarious ballet performance

Beautiful ballet ‘Swan Lake’ gets a hilarious dad remake

The World Wide Web seems to foster a special kind of affection towards dads in tutus. Especially when they are dancing to one of the most famous ballets of our time, ‘Swan Lake’.

The most charming feat in all the remakes is dads’ great seriousness and dedication in what is usually a very comical take on ballet dancing. The gentleman represented here will not disappoint you.

The group of dads from Ukraine decided to pay tribute to women with a dance of their own. They’ve put on their pink tutus and leotards. Some even painted their toenails for the glamorous occasion.

Beautiful ballet ‘Swan Lake’ gets a hilarious dad remake

And while the audience giggled, they took the floor and performed a surprisingly well-rehearsed ballet dance routine to the ‘Swan theme’ from the opening of the 2nd act of the Tchaikovsky ballet.

At the opening of the 2nd act, the main protagonist, Siegfried, gets lost in the woods while hunting. He finds himself at a secluded lake where a flock of swans is about to land.

The Swan theme used as a prologue and later as the ending theme of the whole ballet becomes the centerpiece of dads’ choreography in which they are dancing out the flight of the swans in their way.

Their seriousness and focus in this rather comical event is the spark that makes it special, and the audience appreciates it throughout the performance. Way to go, dads!

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