He Does His Daily Routine, But Then This Little Dog Appears And Changes Everything!

The video below features Alex Pachecho, who is a founder of 600Million.org, and some members of Forgotten Dogs of the 5th ward feeding hungry stray dogs in Houston. When the team was heading out of a run-down neighborhood, a tiny stray appeared and changed all Alex’s plans.

Since there are a lot of strays in the world and the amount of shelters is limited, feeding and spaying the animals is a longterm solution that can help more dogs and cats from starving to death on the streets. And that’s what Alex does, but this time he decided to take this small stray dog with him and called him “Mr. Cookie”.

What is more, this tiny pooch isn’t the only important “cookie” in this story. Alex managed to develop dog treats that will be able to sterilize the dogs that eat them. At this moment, they only work on female dogs and require a few doses to be completely effective, but some more efforts and they’ll work on all dogs and cats after just one dose! If it works, the problem of stray dogs will be solved!

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