A Dalmatians puppy Delivery, Vet has his hands full

The joy of having a child is the dream of any first time mom. The pride of bringing a new life into the world, the anticipation of watching your baby grow up and just the pure pleasure you get from them every day. Sometimes it can be difficult, especially in the case of a multiple birth. Twins can be a handful, triplets or quads even more so and you may need help copping with them all, but can you imagine having 18-all-at-once? OUCH!

Miley, the Dalmatian and first time mom, set a record recently by giving birth to 18-adorible-puppies. Her mom watched her throughout the pregnancy get bigger and bigger, day by the day, and were starting to get worried. She was thinking that Miley may give birth to 13 or 14, but they sure weren’t expecting anything like 18-new-mouths to feed.

Mileys pregnancy and eventual massive litter set an Australian record for the most amount of pups born to a Dalmatian in one pregnancy. This is not the first time a Dalmatian as had a litter of this size. In 2009 another Dalmatian in England also delivered 18 puppies, the average size of a litter for this breed is usually 8 to 10. Miley’s mom Cecilia Langton-Bunker and her daughter Lulu have been helping out with the newborns since the 13-hour labor finished.

The 18th of May saw 101-Dalmations become 119. When you watch the video clip of this remarkable mom and her babies you will notice that the puppies all have different colored spots painted on them, this is no surprise as keeping track of this many carefree-canines would be any breeders nightmare. Miley can’t nurse them all at once so Cecilia and Lulu help with the feeding duties at make sure that each and every one of the babies get fed, and stays healthy.

The clip captures the puppies over a period of time and shows you that they are all healthy and happy. The feeding-time-frenzy as just amazing to watch as these adorable new born’s climb all aver each other to get to mom for a feed. Then further along you will see them a few months older looking strong and fit as they clamber around their food bowls eating away with all their tiny tails wagging.

Click on the link below to start you day with a smile. This is a remarkable story of a remarkable dog that will leave you grinning for days. The resilience of these wonderful animals’ leaves us in amazement as does the strength and love that Miley has for all of her babies. She is truly an inspiration for all to see as nothing seems to phase this mother of 18 adorable babies.