This Dance Crazed Pony Has All The Moves! When She Busts a Move! Watch Out! Hilarious!

How many times have we been working on something dull wish that we were doing something else? Well, there’s always a way for us to have our minds roam. That message is driven home in the commercial for the English Internet Company, Three UK. It opens with a pony standing idly in a field. Then she hears music in her head – Fleetwood Mac’s “Everywhere.” She can’t help herself – she starts boogieing all over the place.

Of course, if there were a group of these ponies that formed Fleetwood Mac, the one that we see in the video would be Stevie Nicks. She was/is the flamboyant one of the group. I always had a crush on her growing up in the 1980s. This pony’s got the moves that Nicks has. She roams all around the farm and other parts of the British shore. Every other animal is just going on about its dull business. Not this one.

The cute thing is when she stops when the farmer rides by on his tractor, and then immediately starts up again when he leaves. Life’s short, have fun. Watch an endless loop of cute animal videos… Wait. Not that. It just means that we have a limited amount of time to do what we want to do while we have our visit on this planet. Many choose to do what they think others want them to do. Not this pony.

There is the irony of a commercial, which is the ultimate in telling people what they should do or buy, telling us to be creative. The pony is obviously computer generated (DUH), but she’s still a non-conformist to the other horses around her. I enjoyed the video even though I always have a jaded eye towards commercials. I am always on high alert for what the subtext of a commercial is, even the heart-warming ones. This pony still kicks butt.

I really liked the pony. What about you? Please tell us your thoughts below!

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