There Is Double Trouble in This Jitterbug-Jitterbug

There is nothing more expressional than dancing. The tango, the twist, and who among us can resist a good electric slide at a wedding? Participating or just watching, it is always a joy. Examples of entertaining dance videos are no problem at all to find online. Anyone can lose hours watching “funny dance clips” on their favorite platforms and wonder where the time went.

Sadly, not everyone possesses the skills to pull dancing off, which can lead most to simply standing by and watching the fun. This is not the case with the couple in the following video. They raise the bar and then some. Just when you think it has come to a climax; hang on, as the surprise is approaching.


Gary and Charlotte are a gift to watch. They are accomplished, and recognized for their abilities and have even won the U.S. Open Championship in Anaheim, CA. They engage audiences everywhere they perform, but nothing prepared viewers for this surprise in 2010 at the Chicago Windy City Jitterbug Club.

While shaking it to ‘Me and Bobby McGee’, they are interrupted by an audience member. They take it all in stride, and no one could have predicted the entertainment that follows! The welcome addition to the performance is a woman by the name of Debra Wheelis. She looks an awful lot like Charlotte so you’ll have to keep a close watch in order to keep up with the changes.

There Is Double Trouble in This Jitterbug-Jitterbug