I was dancing with joy when I saw these little brothers sing this Easter classic together! AWW!

It is incredible to watch little kids perform. They pour their heart and soul into everything they do and somehow always manage to blow our minds. When these adorable little brothers stepped on stage for their performance, I seriously melted into a puddle! They were so adorable, I melted before they even began to perform.

These siblings took to the stage to perform the amazing Easter classic, a gospel song called “He Arose.” They won every heart in the room with their dedicated and enthusiastic performance. And I’m sure they are going to win yours as well! The poor pastor might be struggling to get the attendee’s focus back after this cute performance!

The youngest little boy starts off with a bang as he sings first, and then his brother joins him for the chorus. But by this time, I think the youngest one has gotten used to the attention. As big brother sings his verse alone, little brother decides this is a fine time to play with his microphone. Mom makes a very brief appearance to put a stop to that.

Then they both sing the chorus together, and it is so cute. But during big brother’s time to shine, the little one decides he’s tired and sits down! Once again, we see mom in a not so brief appearance and he promptly stands up again. It’s hilarious.

Watch this siblings’ adorable performance in the video below! Did you like it? What are your thoughts? Let us know them in the comments!