Danielle Ross is a Lucky Five-Year-Old! Day of Her Adoption, You’ll Never Believe Who Walks In!

Being an orphan is a hard childhood. There are so many things you miss out on, the tragedy of losing your parents and a feeling of disconnection I couldn’t imagine. Through these hardships, you’ll have little nuggets of beauty like the case of Danielle Ross.

Danielle Ross was a five-year-old girl in living in foster care in Michigan. Through the years, it has been hard for her to cope, but after a caring family found her and adopted her, things were really looking up. Sarah and Jim Koening were the newly proud parents of Danielle. They showed such thrill and excitement on the day of her adoption.

Along with Danielle the family decided to adopt a one year old girl. These lucky kids really got a good hand. What a beautiful story. The lengths that people will go to save a child or even better, learn to accept them as their own. To be able to play with a daughter and have sibling fights throughout the years. Helping with homework and helping them become well-rounded individuals.

The most heartfelt of all adoption cases I’ve ever seen in my life. This Michigan family finally had a sense of completion. With so much love to give I don’t think either of these little girls could’ve expected the surprise visitors they received at the adoption court hearing. The caring case-worker pulled a few strings to allow these magical visitors. Even the judge got into the spirit and adopted a coveted bow!

With all the bad news in the world, cases like these really give me a bit of hope. A family becoming whole through the love of their children. The children probably have a huge sense of relief and a stable loving family to form an identity with. Very heart-warming.

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