Darci Lynne And Her Puppet Friend Yodel For Kellie Pickler On Her Talk Show

When Darci Lynne Farmer won ‘America’s Got Talent’ in 2018, she brought with her a cast of puppet characters big on personality and talent. Her first puppet ever was a yodeling cowgirl named Katie, and it was Katie that she brought during a visit to the ‘Pickler & Ben’ country talk show.

In 2018 Darci Lynne Farmer won ‘America’s Got Talent’ with her amazing ventriloquism skills. Her outlandish puppets are huge on personality, each with their own talents and backstory. Katie the yodeling cowgirl was Darci’s first puppet, and this was the puppet she brought to her first visit to the ‘Pickler & Ben” country talk show.

After talking about how she got into puppetry, Darci Lynne set up Katie on a little platform and proceeded to sing for her supper, yodeling with skill so outlandishly nimble it made everyone cheer. Even without a puppet, Darci’s yodeling skills are amazing, but adding in ventriloquism, you can see how she won the top spot on AGT.