Dare-devil-dog rushes to help woman who has suddenly collapsed

From the 23 – 26 of June in 2016 Moscow has the host to the “World Dog Show”, the “Fédération Cynologique Internationale” (FCI) sanctioned annual international show held at different locations around the world. The show is normally anywhere between 4 – 6 days and features breeds from all four-corners of the globe. The 2016 Moscow show had over 19-thousand entries and was an amazing success. The show itself has many different categories for dogs and their trainers to compete in, including agility, obedience junior handler, conformation and many other events and demonstrations.

The top title at these events is the extremely prestigious “Certificat d’Aptitude au Championnat International de Beauté” which translated from French means “Certificate of Aptitude at the International Championship of Beauty” which can only be won by purebred specimens of fully recognized breeds. Entries for the World Dog Show can only be from Fédération Cynologique Internationale member clubs, entries for all other clubs, including the “American Kennel Club” is by invite only. The winner at the 2016 Moscow event was a dog named Fine Lady S Zolotogo Grada, a “Black Russian Terrier”.

We all know that dogs are a man’s-best-friend right? Well the clip featured below will show you exactly just how the bond between human and canine can be totally inspirational. There have been literally hundreds of clips featuring dogs and their people on YouTube over the years. Clips showing the trust between dogs and their loyal companions…….. people. Clips showing rescue situations from both sides, clips showing talented dogs performing alongside their human moms and dads. Even some comical clips that show the humor shared between best friends.

The clip below is from the 2016 World Dog Show and features a very gifted trainer named Lusy Imbergerova, and her faithful pooch Deri. The routine that they act out has a military based theme where Deri must mimic the steps that Lusy is making. Things like marching, push-ups and saluting to name just a few. Then toward the end of the performance they act out a scene where a hand-grenade is let off. Lusy plays dead, while Deri performs CPR and mouth-to-mouth on her, this has the crowd applauding wildly, it’s an amazing this to see. The trust between dog and trainer is such a beautiful thing to witness.

When you click on the link below you will get to see one of the best canine-trainer routines that YouTube has ever shown. Just the way that Deri is always wagging her tail, and never stops looking at Lusy will have you more that impressed by their truly different performance. The judges were also suitably impressed, awarding them second prize in the event. Excuse me now while I step outside and see if I can get my faithful-hound to sit and roll-over………..wish me luck.