Daring dolphin “steals” boy’s red ball, while his parents stand there recording it all going down

It is a well-known fact that the dolphin is one of the most intelligent creatures that we have the pleasure of sharing the planet with. Scientists cannot tell us just how intelligent they are because they are too smart to get caught and help out……..just kidding, experimental work with large aquatic animals is very difficult and extremely expensive, so they have been limited studies on the intelligence-quota of these mammals.

Did you know that there are 40-different type of dolphins, including the “Killer Whale”, yes, this monster of the sea is actually a massive dolphin, who would have thought? Dolphins are a very social animal and enjoy interaction with not only their own-kind, but with humans as well. We can’t help but think of “Flipper” when we think of these magnificent animals, he was a hero to many of us as we were growing up. He saved the day on many occasions, but just how close to the truth was he? We know that dolphins can communicate with each other with their whistles and clicks, and we know that they have incredible hearing and sonar abilities.

Douglass Adam’s in his book “The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy” stated that dolphins knew of the imminent destruction of the earth and left a note for mankind shorty before leaving the doomed planet saying ”So long, and thanks for all the fish”. This very funny book suggests that we humans are not really running this planet at all. Now these animals being the social creatures that they are can sometimes swim in pods of a dozen or more. Then there is the “Superpod” which has seen as many as one-thousand dolphins swimming together. This phenomena occurs when there is an abundance of food, but they don’t stay together for long, and head back to their own smaller pods when the hunting is done.

In the clip below, we see just how clever these animals really are. A young boy is playing ball with a dolphin at a water-park where interaction with these aquatic creatures is encouraged. The dolphin throws the ball back to the child, who intern throws the ball back to the playing dolphin. At times the ball falls into the water so the dolphin dives in and retrieves it. The fact that a child can get so close to what is a potentially wild-animal is amazing in itself. The trust that the dolphin shows toward the child is also a testament to the intelligence of these beautiful animals.

So, next time you watch the movie “Orca” just remember, he’s only just a dolphin after all. Click on the link below and enjoy witnessing just how the interaction between humans and our animal cousins can be so playful.