Daring Rescue Performed By This Man When A Timber Wolf Is Found In A Trap

Imagine that you are a hunter in the middle of hunting season. You have set up various traps for the game you hope to catch. SOme of these traps are for coyotes, an animal known not only to hunt the same animals that you hunt but also to go into residential areas and pose a threat to family pets. You walk back through the woods the next day to see if any of the traps worked, and one did, but it did not catch what you were looking for.

Instead of a coyote, this trap has caught a timber wolf, a truly majestic creature that tends to stay away from humans and poses no harm to the ecosystem. What then do you do? It would be terrible and wrong to simply leave it, but it would also be incredibly tricky to try and release it. Although you are well-intentioned in releasing this animal, the timber wolf may not realize that, and it may feel inclined to attack once it is released.

In this video, a hunter goes through this exact scenario. He and his friends attempt to free the timberwolf, and watching how they go about getting it free is absolutely amazing. Let us know what you thought of this video, and if you enjoyed it as much as we did then be sure to share this with family and friends.

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