Darius Rucker Pays Tribute To His ‘Idol’ Prince With Moving Cover Of ‘Purple Rain’

Prince is one of the most recognizable and influential musicians of modern times. His work has helped shape countless artists, and inspired musicians and nonmusicians alike. When he passed away last April, the whole industry felt a shockwave.

Many musicians and other artists paid tribute to Prince in the days, weeks, and months following his death. Giant choruses of people sang his songs, and many more gave him solo tributes in whatever way they felt fit.

Darius Rucker felt the news of Prince’s death very keenly. He frequently covers Prince’s “Purple Rain” at his concerts, and has been a lifelong fan. He spoke to Rolling Stone about how the one of a kind artist shaped his own musical path.

“He made me stand up and listen when the Controversy album came out,” Rucker said, in reference to Prince’s fourth studio album. “And then he made me want to be in a band more than anything with ‘Purple Rain.’ I will forever be indebted to him for showing me true greatness.”

Rucker performed a particularly emotional rendition of “Purple Rain” during a private concert in San Juan, Puerto Rico last January. With bright purple lights focused on center stage, the atmosphere was perfect, and the crowd was ecstatic.

Watch Rucker’s cover of “Purple Rain” in the video below!

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