Darling Chihuahua Tries Calming Crying Baby With Selfless Action, Giving Up His Dog Treat.

To care is something that can be nurtured within us from the time we are young. Even when it comes to caring, most of us have the inherent need or desire to show others that we not only value them, but we care and appreciate them as an individual. Some of our actions can lead to misunderstandings, and some people give off what they call “tough love” for the sake of bettering and aiming for someone to achieve a goal beyond themselves. Sometimes it can be hard to see where someone is coming from. Sometimes, it can lead to disputes and anger, because we simply don’t understand. Everyone is different, everyone has a different perception or way of viewing the world. While you may be raised like someone else, that doesn’t mean you are the same. If I were to say the word “bird” to someone, they may have the most recent bird they’ve seen in their mind, they may think of their national bird, or state bird. Others may think of the old-time usage of the term and relate it to an elderly person. And another group may even think of Angry Birds. These differences amount to the experiences you’ve had or imagined. It’s important to appreciate the differences, while reminding yourself of the sameness. We are all in this together, we are all trying to find our place in the world and sometimes, we may need a helping hand. Others go above and beyond and do their best to help another, even at the cost of their enjoyment or happiness. These selfless acts aim to bridge a bond between two parties and they can even result in an overwhelming understanding that shows love and care.

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