Darling Elderly Pugs Use DIY Stairlift Created By Occupational Therapist

Stairlifts are an essential tool for people with mobility issues. An occupational therapist from New Orleans, Sonya Karimi, used her knowledge of stairlifts uniquely. This time instead of benefitting people with mobility issues, it would help her dog!

She and partner Zach Grate were stuck at home with their three elderly rescue Pugs George, Bodhi, and Sam. Sonya came up with the idea for this exciting DIY project to address a severe knee problem Bodhi had when they adopted him.

Bodhi’s knee problem was severe enough that it required surgery. Zach and Sonya created a GoFundMe account to raise money toward covering the cost. It was heartbreaking for them to watch Bodhi try to play with the other dogs and not be able to.

The couple built their own mini-lift, which even their younger pug Emery takes a ride in occasionally! They also made a ramp that the dogs can run on to, as steps can be hard on those little pug legs! These tools will reduce the stress on Brodhi’s knee and help make everyone happier.